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Software and devices


All devices are equipped with our Timelapse Lab software.

Our software assets consist of:

  • Web management tool: app that provides customers and administrators with a range of options.
  • Blurring web service: software that detects and blurs sensitive data (e.g. faces) in the shots. In order not to ruin the graphic design of the picture, the blurring is done as much invisible as possible. This software is run on high performance graphic cards to ensure the maximum speed of response.


Images are periodically captured by the devices. Usually photos are taken every 10 minutes. Once taken, the photos are immediately sent to the server for the processing. 


In this phase all sensitive data in the photos are blurred. After quality controls, images are ready to be stored.


The final storage of the blurred pictures is done through Amazon AWS’ S3 service. 
The stored data are redundant on 3 different data-centers, all located in Europe. If data are lost from one of the 3 datacenters, they will still be available to you. 


In case of the malfunction of devices or of the software, an alert will be sent to administrators and users by email, notifying the error.

The alerts are active on various operating parameters of the system and allow you to act immediately in case of problems.


Data security is guaranteed by cryptographic protocols, authentication systems and modern and advanced best practices.



TimelapseLab rents a wide range of devices to guarrantee the best monitoring of the progress of your business. The devices are shipped all over the world ready to be installed by anyone, since they are plug&play devices. These tools can be fixed or mobile with a tripod for an agile shift of the shooting point. All the devices are stable, safe and are designed to absorb any vibration in order to guarantee stability even in case of adverse weather conditions. All our devices can be personalized and customized according to costumer's needs.


  • Supply voltage 220V - Industrial connection socket
  • Consumption at environmental temperature above 3 degrees: about 12 W (below about 15 W)
  • Independent Internet connection. In case of a power failure, upon reset the device automatically reboots 
  • Presence of led lights under the device to indicate its correct operation
  • Total weight 4 kg
  • The package includes a second plate and 20cm dowels to fix the device on the pole which should have a diameter between 60 mm and 120 mm. The product includes two fischers with a diameter of 10mm and screws for fixing.
  • Integrated Wi-Fi e 4G router
  • Industrial power supply 12V
  • Thermostated case 220V
  • Operating temperature from -22°F to 140°F ( -30°C to + 60°C)
  • Remote images saving
  • Automatic daily backup for the images 
  • CE marked devices compliant with European directives, which declare, on the basis of the declaration of conformity (or declaration of performance for construction products), that the product complies with the safety requirements provided for by the applicable Community directives or regulations

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