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Device with Motorized Varifocal Optic

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New: Motorized Varifocal Optic

TLA8 VF is the innovative device created by Timelapse Lab at 8mpx and with motorized varifocal lens.
The varifocal optics allows a completely remote adjustment from 2.8mm up to 12mm and therefore the possibility of changing framing and making camera movements in a few clicks and from a distance.
The device is assembled according to the customer's needs and is then shipped to the place of installation which can be on a pole or on a wall.

Resistance and Versatility

The device has all the features of a TLA8 and is built in aluminum and steel to withstand the most adverse weather conditions (eg strong wind). The TLA8 VF is suitable for installation on any surface.
The device is delivered pre-assembled inside an ultra-resistant protective box against shocks and any type of adversity.
TLA8 VF can be supplied in different ways:
- only with 220V power supply
- power supply and buffer battery for greater safety
- battery with battery charger and 12V cables


The new TLA8 VF device has several accessories:

- POWER SUPPLY AND BUFFER BATTERY: the device can only be powered by a power supply supplied by TimelapseLab to which it is possible to attach a backup battery that makes the connection stable in the event of a sudden power failure, so as not to lose any files during work.

- BATTERY: the device can also be powered by a battery that will be supplied by TimelapseLab. The batteries of TLA8 have a quick connection socket and are AGM, an innovative technology in which there is a valve that automatically renews the energy production without having to fill the battery with the addition of acid and which allows cyclic recharging without losing its functionality.
The batteries are watertight and resistant to high and low temperatures, safe and do not emit any toxic vapor that can compromise the safety and health of those around them.


Devices with CE marking compliant with European directives, which declares, by means of the declaration of conformity (or performance in the case of construction products), that the product complies with the safety requirements provided for by the applicable Community directives or regulations

How do you install a Timelapse Lab device?

Below you can see the installation of a Timelapse Lab TLA8 device and all its accessories.

We ship plug & play devices throughout Italy and abroad.
We will find the professional solution tailored for you.
Contact us for a free quote.

We ship plug & play devices all over the world.
We will find the professional solution tailored for you.
Contact us for a free quote.

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